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In Tight Race, Dems Sweep '09 Village Election

March 18, 2009

Gregory Schmidt (R): 1,058
Leo Wiegman (D): 1,078 - WINNER

Thomas Brennan (R): 1,025
Susan Konig (R): 1,037
Ian Murtaugh (D): 1,098 - WINNER
Demetra Restuccia (D): 1,108 - WINNER

On March 23, 2009 1:53 PM, John McBride said:

The recount was completed this morning. The results obtained by the county board of elections was virtually identical to the original count. The final numbers were the same.

One meaningless mistake was that one vote for Schmnidt/Brennan/Konig was counted on the wrong line in the original count, but that did not change the vote totals.

The counting is over. The results are the same as election night.

On March 19, 2009 10:51 PM, Leo Wiegman said:

If Mayor Schmidt would like a recount, by all means, let’s impound the machines and paper absentee ballots and recount.

The last recount in Croton occurred in 2003 when then Trustee Schmidt ran against the Mayor Bob Elliott. In that recount, the total number of votes for Elliott actually went up slightly in the end, and did not change the outcome: Schmidt to Elliott lost by 55 votes. In 2007, Wiegman lost the trustee race to then challenger Susan Konig in 2007 by 43 votes, but declined a recount.

The margin in the mayoral race between Mayor Schmidt and Wiegman is small, a hair under 1% of the total votes cast for mayor (1078 to 1058), but it is a significant gap of 20 votes.

The machines appear to show no sign of malfunction. Any change in the vote count is likely to hinge on the paper absentee ballots: Wiegman had 36 absentee votes, Schmidt had 33.

My guess–and it is only a guess–is that a recount may change the numbers slightly, but not the result.

Given the professionalism and care that I know our village clerk and staff put into the electoral process, I fully trust the results from last night and from any recount.

PS Mr. Mortensen’s interesting analysis is something I had not considered. Put another way, the voter turnout this week was 41% (2136 out of 5228 voters cast ballots). This year’s turnout ties a prior high of 41% in 2005. By contrast, 80% of Croton voters cast ballots in November 2008, but 40% is HIGH for local March races!

PPS A total of 6401 votes were cast for a mayor and trustee choice this Wednesday. (Not every voter cast a vote for each office.) Of that total using the figures above, 51.3% were cast for Wiegman-Restuccia-Murtaugh and 48.7% for Schmidt-Brennan-Konig.
-Leo Wiegman

On March 20, 2009 8:18 AM, Seth Davis said:

Leo is right (as usual).

A recount is perfectly in order here and Schmidt is within his rights in requesting one. We will all fell better and have greater confidence in our local government if we can have absolute confidence in the results.

Of course, with a school board election settled by a single vote and a referendum passed by “a mere 9 votes” in recent years, 20 votes seems pretty comfortable.

On March 19, 2009 1:03 PM, Susan Dorien said:

I’m not at all concerned with how close the election was just the results! Kudos to Leo, Ian and Demetria for a well run campaign. Congratulations and good luck with your tenure. It’s sure to be a rocky road. Susan Dorien

On March 19, 2009 3:53 PM, Georgianna Grant said:

Leo won by 20 votes. The Republicans have called for a recount. County Board of Elections have ordered the machines locked and placed in safe keeping until a recount of all machines and absentee ballots is completed.

On March 19, 2009 9:03 PM, Martin Mortensen said:

Here we go again! Let’s spend resources and more infighting on a recount…..

How about the high road Mayor Schmidt?

20 votes is still the majority, or are we back to counting chads again?

Since the spin now starts, how about this one: The demand for positive change is backed by a total of 3281 votes for the Democrats ticket versus a total of 3120 votes for the Republican side. That is a majority of 161 votes.

In 2007 the blocks were 2697 Democratic votes versus 3036 Republican votes, which means the Democratic platform in 2009 has gained 584 votes compared to 2007. This is a clear demonstration of support from the community that should be a signal to the Republican side that it is time to step down, regroup and come up with a new positive strategy for 2011.

Obviously demanding recounts is easier than real work.

PS. Source for vote counts comes solely from the Village website.

On March 18, 2009 9:57 PM, Dave said:

Thank God. Finally some civility and intelligence. A bit closer then it should have been though.


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