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Update: Croton Bridges Group in Nicaragua

April 7, 2009


Good Morning. It’s day three in Masaya, Nicaragua, for Jake and the Croton Bridges group. They are having a great time even though they are working in extreme conditions.

I have created a website,, so that you could join the group and watch the progress of their hard work. Two families, the Lauder and Duglas’, will have new homes by the end of the week—thanks to the dedication of these kids and the generousity of you all.

Please check the site regularly as I will update as soon as I get anything from Masays.

— Dave Tuttle

On April 27, 2009 8:19 AM, Tired of it all said:

To paraphrase Jay Leno, “In America we feel the need to publicize the good we do anonymously.”


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