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Sour Grapes Susan

April 24, 2009

To the editor:

On an Internet chat site for municipal officials last spring, Ann Gallelli made clear that the Harmon housing plan needed “the larger public to buy into it.” She described the plan as “about a three block stretch of commercial first floor with two floors of mixed use (probably mostly residential above), with buildings built close to the street with pedestrian friendly frontage and parking to the rear.”

“We want to get the public to buy into this for support of the zoning changes,” she says. “We also are prepared to move towards doing the same kind of analysis for a second commercial Gateway where the Village actually owns a number of the parcels. We want to encourage the public to be a big part of this process so as to avoid opposition down the road.” Opposition to what, density housing?

The person she is chatting with describes her plan as “the urban village.”

Leo Wiegman pipes in to say that the “total number rental units in Croton: 674 (compared with 3,900 in neighboring Ossining).” Why is he comparing Croton and Ossining? He goes on to point out that “by definition, a household earning 80% of an area’s median income is considered ‘low income.’”

“Therefore,” he concludes, “some housing development funds are available to create housing that will target folks who earn 80% of the AMI. That means a 2 person household with $77,000 annual income might qualify for affordable housing.”

So the Harmon plan is designed to attract affordable housing developers.

I ask the residents who have generously come forward to run for the school board next month to remember that our schools are at capacity and that a strong word from the school board may keep our current village board in check when it comes to their built up version of Croton.

— Susan Konig

On April 28, 2009 1:17 PM, Sick of Konig said:

This idiotic letter from Susan Konig serves as an example of the wisdom of Croton voters. She clearly has absolutely no understanding of the issue and is just starting up trouble from a conversation that doesnt in any way, shape, or form illustrate a “master plan” to turn Harmon into a slum.

Susan Konig was without a doubt the worst trustee I can recall, and given the characters that have been elected to office here over the last 40 years, that’s no easy feat.

Schmidt was the worst Mayor in the history of not just Croton, but the entire planet. Marion Barry is a better mayor than Schmidt.

On April 25, 2009 6:27 AM, pregnancy pants said:

lol. susan konig = dick cheney.

On April 24, 2009 5:34 PM, Georgianna Grant said:


Clarification may be needed on just exactly what is being recommended for the Harmon area improvements. If you’ve have missed the presentations in the past, you might try to attend the upcoming, planned visual presentations. They will provide an accurate picture of the improvements and you can judge the merits for yourself. I think you’ll find them exciting.

Simply put, the recommendations suggest renovations and improvement to properties with the possibility of rental apartments being added above the existing retail establishments. Building owners could then exercise this option to improve the building and modernize the turn-of-the-century streetscape and make the 2-block area more attractive and viable for retail business and shopping. The recommendations will make the East and West sides of the street more attractive, accessible and viable for business.

Mayor Wiegman and the entire Village Board have repeatedly encouraged residents to become involved and work with them to effect what many believe will be positive and welcome improvements to the Harmon area. Again, I urge everyone to attend the upcoming presentations so they can see the merits of the recommendations for themselves and express their opinions to the Village Board.

On April 24, 2009 4:33 PM, Georgianna Grant said:


Susan Konig is one smart lady but she is being stubbornly partisan and narrow minded about the Harmon Committee’s recommendations. Obviously, it’s hard to admit how wrong you have been been about an issue, but in this case the facts speak for themselves. Susan does herself and her partisan cause no favor by being so blatantly dismissive of the true facts surrounding the Harmon enrichment program. She has mistakenly gone on record stating this was a democratic plan from the get-go; that Kieran Murray has been “used” by the democrats; that the recommendations are a plan for “affordable housing”; that there has been a groundswell of opposition; that it’s a subversive attempt to build affordable housing, and so on with continuing and increasingly negative and fearful warnings. She and her “groundswell of opponents” continue to play with the facts and numbers and to misrepresent their assumptive perceptions of what will result. In addition to insulting the dedicated committee member volunteers, she makes herself look foolish and uninformed. I think if she would read the recommendations with an open mind she would change her position to one of support instead of opposition. These are healthy and informed recommendations and will be good for the future of the Harmon business and surrounding residential areas.


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