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Pursuing Outside Funding for Education

May 4, 2009

To the editor:

In preparation for the election, and in the hopes of earning your vote, I have researched some grants the current Board will utilize as well as grants that would be available to us in the future.

A committee devoted to seeking outside funding may be the next step to improving the educational experience. I have begun to research what is available and, with your support, I look forward to leveraging these grants for the benefit of us all. Here is what my research has revealed:

The economic situation here in New York State is not going to improve quickly. As an independent researcher I was able to locate what resources may be available to us in the future. As a Board of Ed member I will be in a position to call for the formation of a budget oversight committee made up of community members with financial expertise as well as staff members from the district.

This type of open governance is how the school board was meant to function. This is an area of democracy is where the opinions of citizens truly have real and lasting impact. I continue to welcome your questions and input.

— Lisa Cohen,, Croton on Hudson


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