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Closing Remarks from Lisa Wolland

May 16, 2009

To the editor:

In less than a week, resident of the Croton-Harmon school district are going to be able to choose 2 new Board members, from a pool of 5 qualified candidates, to work with our new superintendent. It is an exciting time for our District, and I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of it for the following reasons:

First, I will represent all of our children, when I decide the many issues that face our District. Based on my observations and conversations, I am sensitive to the many educational needs of all our students. This is true whether our graduates go to college or not.

Second, because I am actually aware of the tough economic times we are facing, I will always be mindful that our residential tax base is maxed out. We need to continue to look for additional ways to reduce spending (e.g., increasing shared services), without depriving our children of a well-rounded, solid education. But, I also I understand that there are many issues that must be considered when we discuss areas to cut costs (e.g., contracts, unions, mandates).

Third, my professional experience, as an appellate attorney, will be invaluable when we meet with our legislators, in Albany, to convince them to repeal or modify the many unfunded mandates that economically tie our District’s hands. We need someone who can effectively advocate for our District, while being both deferential and persuasive. This is something that I do every time I write a brief, or go to court, to argue an appeal.

Finally, a Board member must be patient, open-minded, honest, and respectful, when listening to the community, the Administration, and the other Board members. She must be able to put the interest of the entire District above any personal issues that she has. I believe that I possess these qualities, and I hope that you consider these abilities when selecting your newest Board members.

I want the best education for all of our children in Croton. I will work hard to achieve that goal. Please contact me at, if you would like to speak with me. I hope I can count on your support on May 19th.


Lisa Wolland, Croton-on-Hudson


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