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Croton Terror Group 'al NCN' Strikes Harmon Plan, Again

June 14, 2009

To the editor:

The usual suspects opposed to progress in Harmon squandered what may have been their last chance to meaningfully challenge the rationale for the Harmon Zoning Change Recommendations.

Rather than challenging facts, figures and calculations presented in significant detail in the Harmon Committee Report, they chose to forgo asking meaningful questions in favor of lengthy diatribes claiming yet again that lifelong residents are way smarter than the rest of us “Newbies”, and that if you didn’t inherit your house from your “grandpapy” or are not making hundreds of thousands of dollars, you must be a Section 8 immigrant criminal who will pack 15 family members in a 1 bedroom apartment and have babies like rabbits causing the schools to bust at the seams.

Of course, the opportunity was not lost to publicly slenderize Democratic elected officials past and present for partnering up with the Mafia to run Metro Enviro and line their pockets at the expense of our children’s health, or to spend ten minutes bashing one of our most beloved and successful businesses for having the audacity to receive deliveries.

Hey Minett, did you not see the shopping center at your rear property line when you bought your house?

The usual suspects obviously rounded up anybody breathing that would buy into their warped interpretation of the Harmon recommendation and carefully coordinated their alleged “overwhelming opposition”. Even with the numbers clearly in their favor (I would say 80% in attendance were the opposition), they still couldn’t even manage to do better than a neutral article in the Journal News. Congratulations!

Last night made me lose all hope of a meaningful compromise. It’s all or nothing with the NCN malcontents.

Kudos to our Mayor for extending the olive branch in the face of a continued barrage of character assassinations and personal attacks against him. The NCNers have no votes and no power so the only conclusion I can draw from their theatrics last night is that they don’t want a seat at the table to help shape Croton’s future, they are just in it for the bitching and moaning.

— Truth Hurts

On June 15, 2009 3:10 PM, Anonymous said:

I love the new Harmon Tracker. It highlights how out of touch with reality the North County News bloggers really are. Scary we live among these people.

On June 15, 2009 9:14 AM, Georgianna Grant said:

Unfortunately Truth Hurts, you have hit the nail right on the head by your analysis of what’s going on. I do not read the the North County News because it it has never been a newspaper representative of Croton as a whole community. It is biased coverage at its worst and at best reports only “news” kind to republican positions. It ignores or only selectively mentions the democratic side of an issue. And more unfortunately, the recommendations before the people of Croton for the improvement of Harmon have been turned into a pure political issue with the republicans against and the democrats for. Wwhy? Because it was a democratic initiative and for that reason alone, the bloggers will oppose and ignore the facts and spin to their political agenda. Too bad.


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