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Croton Launches Community 'Victory Garden'

July 4, 2009

Using unspent money left over from the prior fiscal year’s allocation for green initiatives, the Village Board recently approved fencing, a water connection, and some starter soil to establish a pilot community Victory Garden.

In 1943, Americans planted over 20 million Victory Gardens. The harvest from those gardens accounted for nearly a third of all the vegetables that Americans consumed that year. Croton’s first Victory Garden will be located on an unused lawn adjacent to the parking lot of Silver Lake Park at the end of Truesdale Drive in Croton-on-Hudson (map). This effort is an initiative of the Village’s new Sustainability Team, which is currently in formation.

Village residents are invited to enter a lottery for a plot in a new organic garden under construction. Interested gardeners should submit their name to the village by July 17, 2009.

Details on how to submit your name are available:


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