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Robert Scott on Bob Elliott

October 15, 2009

Thank you Mr. Scott for a rational presentation of what our region can offer the rest of the country in terms of both beauty and education.

As noted, Mayor Elliott’s comments were made in 2005. How sad that the Schmidt gang opted for a parochial approach in the four years following, refusing both to market what our village has to offer and to work with neighboring communities to form what could be one of the top attractions in the U.S.

Former Mayor Schmidt not only stated publicly that he didn’t want Croton turning into “another Ossining” but managed to schedule the opening of Croton Landing for a day when the Westchester County Executive was not available to attend, insuring an appearance in the press that his administration alone was responsible for its creation.

Fortunately, Croton’s present elected officials are working to connect with municipalities up and down the Hudson to insure a cohesive presentation of all of our towns have to offer. A variety of sporting opportunities, nature encounters and eyefuls of beauty—it all comes back to a river…and Croton has 2!

As far as our village is concerned, shouldn’t we be able to offer visitors from the states and abroad a place to spend their money on something other than a mani/pedi or a pepperoni slice?

— Lisa Cohen


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