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November 13, 2009

Posted on the NCN:

A “deepthroat” within the Harmon Opposition disenchanted with the methods being used to deceive the public confirmed the next phase of their politically motivated plan.

Sensing that they have not been successful in convincing the residents of Croton that the Harmon revitalization plan is a Democratic plot to flood the village with “Democratic constituents” by creating housing for them, they have adopted a Plan B which will be launched immediately following the passage of the Harmon zoning changes.

Plan B is an Article 78 lawsuit, which is a legal procedure that can be used to challenge a change to zoning. The Harmon Opposition knows they have no chance of winning the case because the Harmon zoning changes are based on facts and the process has been open and inclusive. But winning is not their goal, buying time to the March elections is!

You see, the plan is simply to continue the same fear mongering, misinformation campaign in greater volume and intensity into the election season and try to pick up seats on the Village Board.

Pay careful attention to who is writing letters and speaking out against Harmon revitalization on a regular basis and I am sure it will quickly become obvious who these future Croton GOP candidates are likely to be!

The deeply troubling thing about the Harmon Opposition’s Plan B is that the Article 78 lawsuit defense they will file will have to be paid for by YOU THE TAXPAYER!

— Truth Hurts

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