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Croton GOP 2010 Election Strategy Exposed

February 11, 2010

To the editor:

Upon consultation with a deepthroat located deep within the bowels of the Croton GOP and after careful analysis of innuendos made by the Croton GOP \ NCN Malcontent’s many alter-egos and aliases on the NCN forum, we have been able to piece together the 2010-2011 Croton GOP Election Strategy.

Misinformation 2.0 - Former “Trustee” Konig will lead a stepped up and intensified misinformation campaign that will intensify the labeling of successful democratic initiatives with purposely misleading soundbytes such as “Mini-City” and “Toxic Garden”. These soundbytes will then be repeated ad-nausium on blogs, in Gazette letters and verbally throughout town. Blogs containing shameless, misleading propaganda will also be utilized such as the newly created Croton Local blog, and will not offer the ability to comment on a series of factually flawed opinion pieces.

Use Rouge Democrats To Attract Mainstream Democratic Voters - The Croton GOP has enlisted former Mayor Schmidt (D) as a Trustee candidate and Robert Scott (D) as Head Cheerleader to try to unseat Ann Gallelli. Neither of these two gentleman share true Republican beliefs and ideals, but they have deep rooted personal vendettas against Ann Gallelli and the Croton GOP leadership will use this personal motivation to their benefit. In exchange for his efforts, Schmidt likely has been promised the Croton GOP nod to run against Mayor Wiegman in 2011.

Obstruct Democratic Initiatives with Legal Challenges - Croton GOP supporters will likely wait and launch an Article 78 lawsuit regarding the new Harmon Zoning Laws in the heart of the 2010 election season. Winning is not the objective, it is creating distractions and providing content for an election misinformation 2.0 campaign. The Croton GOP \ NCN Malcontent originators of this lawsuit are entitled to one appeal as of right. It takes 6-8 months to get a decision on the original Article 78 (September-November 2010) and then another 6-8 months (March-June 2011) to get the as of right appeal decision. The 2011 Croton GOP election campaign will likely include the promise to drop the village’s defense of the Article 78 appeal of the Harmon Zoning Laws if re-elected, effectively rescinding them without having to go through the SEQRA process to change them back.

Claim “Balance” is Needed on the Village Board - With no definable platform of their own given the fact that the Democrats are moving their own agenda forward while cutting taxes more than the Republicans ever where able to, the Croton GOP will resort to the age old argument that “Balance” is needed on the board. For those not paying attention to the fact that the Democrats have successfully hijacked the fiscal responsibility platform from the Republicans, this is a logical strategy to mask the fact that the Croton GOP has NO platform at all.

It is critical that the public at large is aware of this strategy ahead of the election season so they do not fall prey to this trickery. If the Croton GOP would put half as much effort into the development of an actual platform as they do into their annual misinformation campaign and deceptive trickery, they may actually get elected on merit one day in the future.

I look forward to your comments. It is critical that ALL voters understand this two year Croton GOP strategy and the disastrous implications of it’s successful execution.


— Anonymous


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