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Democrats Choose Incumbents Gallelli, Olver, & Watkins for Open Seats

February 11, 2010

On Monday evening, January 25, over forty villagers convened at the Croton Free Library’s Ottinger Room in the local Democratic Committee’s Nomination Caucus to select candidates for the upcoming Village elections. Two Trustee seats held currently by Democrats Rick Olver and Ann Gallelli and the Village Justice currently held by Sam Watkins will be on the ballot on March 16, 2010.

The caucus, chaired by John McBride, nominated Village Trustees Rick Olver and Ann Gallelli to run for reelection to their current positions. Sam Watkins was also tapped to seek reelection for the Village Justice position.

Holly Anzani of Georgia Lane Avenue placed Gallelli’s name in nomination for Village Trustee, “I brought my daughter tonight so she could see that it takes good, talented people to keep Croton on the right path. That person is Ann Gallelli.” Rachel Bersnstein seconded the nomination of Gallelli, saying, “Ann Gallelli does more homework than anybody. “

“I have a single, over arching short-term objective - to lower your Village property taxes. The entire Board shares that objective,” stated Gallelli, “Day to day problem solving is important, but it does not move the Village ahead very much. To make meaningful cuts in your taxes, that are sustainable over time, a long-term vision is needed. Decisions on each of the areas of revenue enhancement and cost reduction must be based on a real cost-benefit analysis and tax consequences. I pledge that decisions will be fact-based and not on whims. Most importantly, these decisions require engaging with the residents of Croton and our employees to help us. I seek your support helping the board find the best creative solutions to building our community while reducing taxes over the next two years.”

Emily Prince nominated Mr. Olver saying, “I supported Rick in his efforts to redevelop and revitalize the Village. He is thoughtful, intelligent and willing to listen to all sides.” Lisa Cohen of Old Post Road North seconded Rick Olver for Trustee. “Rick Olver’s plan to reduce government spending resulted in a 1.9% tax reduction last year. He’s not prone to making pie in the sky promises for political gain.” “I have a vision for Croton,” Olver stated, “in which we come together to truly realize the vision we share of a “village in a park” that is affordable for all of us, with a government that provides support for a high quality of life in a sustainable manner. That vision requires three things: increasing our village revenue, cutting village costs and sponsoring low-cost improvements to our quality of life. “

Tim Siglock, of Sunset Drive nominated incumbent Village Justice Sam Watkins for a second term, stating, “Sam has performed as Village Justice in the highest manner, befitting the post. I am proud to support him and place his name in nomination for another 4 year term. “

The year’s Village Elections occur on a Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

Further information will be posted in coming days at the Croton Dems’ website:


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