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I'm Lisa Marlow Wolland, and I'm Running for Village Justice

February 18, 2010

An Open Letter to the Village of Croton,

My name is Lisa Marlow Wolland, and I am pleased and excited to tell you that I am running, as an independent, for Village Justice. I believe that I am qualified to serve as our local magistrate, and my decision to run stems not only from my professional experience, but also because I believe that the Croton voters are entitled to a choice of who will serve as their Village Justice for the next 4 years. That is why I have entered the race as a candidate on the Justice Party line.

After graduating from Cornell University and St. John’s University School of Law, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens County, NY from 1993 until 1997, handling a variety of criminal matters, including domestic violence and special victims cases. I was appointed to the Appellate Division, Second Department, as a court attorney, analyzing and briefing criminal and civil cases for the appellate justices from 1997 until 1999. Since then, I have been a practicing appellate attorney, concentrating on criminal law appeals. And, in 2005, I was named of counsel to Mischel & Horn, P.C.

I believe that my broad experience with criminal law and the judicial system makes me an outstanding candidate for our Village Justice. Because criminal matters and traffic cases encompass the majority of our court’s weekly calendar, my experience will allow me to “hit the ground running.” And, because I maintain my office exclusively in Croton, I am always available for any court matters that may arise.

As your Village Justice, I promise that I will treat all parties with respect, I will give you an opportunity to be heard, and I will apply the law to the facts of each case in a fair and judicious manner. I will be honest, ethical and fair.

I am very proud to be a resident of Croton, and I want to serve this community. Because my husband, Glen, and I chose to raise our 3 children here, I have a vested, long-term interest in our village.

I hope I can count on your support on the Justice Party line on Election Day — Tuesday, March 16th.

Very truly yours,

Lisa Marlow Wolland, Croton-on-Hudson, NY


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