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Summing Up Candidate Randy Swan's Tax Troubles

March 4, 2010

To the editor:

On accepting the Republican Party nomination to run for Village Trustee, in the Village of Croton on Hudson, Randall Swan sent a letter to the editor for publication in “The Gazette,” the local weekly newspaper. In his letter he stated that he had had difficulty paying his village taxes.

A few simple phone calls to the village offices and the town offices reveal that Candidate Swan has not paid any property taxes on his property at 1 Crest Street in the Village for two years. The property is listed as having 5 residential units. The total outstanding taxes due to the village, the school, the town and the county are $50,705.

TOWN OF CORTLANDT RECORDS for Randall Swan, 1 Crest Avenue

Vacant Lot:
2009-2010 School Tax: $2,019
2009 Town/Cty Tax: $483
2008 School/Town/Cty: $2,306

Improved Lot:
2009-2010 School Tax: $12,851
2009 Town/Cty Tax: $ 3,078
2008 School/Town/Cty: $14,530


VILLAGE OF CROTON RECORDS for Randall Swan, 1 Crest Avenue

Water Bill (08/09): $1,279
Property tax lien 2009: $8,408
Property Tax 2010: $5,751



Mr. Swan, and Mr. Schmidt through his decision to run on the slate with Mr. Swan, ask us to trust them to run this village responsibly. Voters need to know that Mr. Swan has for the past two years been irresponsible with paying his village taxes. Mr. Schmidt, while he was mayor, would often chastise residents who failed to pay their taxes or maintain their property. Ninety-five percent of property owners in this village pay their taxes on time. It is simply unacceptable that the former mayor, now running to be a trustee, would choose a tax scofflaw as his running mate.

Most disturbing is the fact that over $30,000 of the delinquent taxes owed are for the funding of our public school system. How ironic during “School Budget Week” when the School Board is working extremely hard to better manage the cost of educating our children in this challenging economic climate, that we find a candidate seeking to be elected to a position of public trust, who has such an outstanding school-tax debt. Swan and Schmidt are demonstrating a callous disregard for the fiscal health of Croton Schools and the community as a whole.

We want voters to know the facts about the candidates for the village board. We have had enough of politicians like Schmidt and Swan, who betray the voters’ trust.

— Eileen Henry and John McBride, on behalf of the Croton Democratic Committee


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