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On Being Served by Randall Swan

March 9, 2010

Immediately after reviewing a certified letter delivered to Crotonblog on March 8, 2010, from Mr. Randal Swan, we complied with his request to remove a letter to the editor he deemed to be both false and defamatory.

In his letter Mr. Swan stated that contrary to the allegations made in the letter to the editor, he was not charged with, nor had he ever been convicted of the crime of assault. Further, he stated that the incident referenced in an appended comment to the letter to the editor did not result in the conviction of any crime, misdemeanor or violation of the law.

However, it remains factual that in 2004, three 8th grade boys trespassed on his property and a confrontation between them occurred. It also remains factual that all three of the boys reported to an interceding neighbor that during the confrontation, Mr. Swan made physical contact with one of the boys thereby causing redness and swelling on his face. It also remains factual that only after Mr. Swan admitted to making physical contact with one of the boys to the same interceding neighbor, that police were called to the scene. It also remains factual that Mr. Swan was taken from the scene in handcuffs by responding officers from the Croton police department.


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