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Vote to Move Croton Forward -- Defeat the GOP's Cynical Platform of Obstruction and Propaganda

March 11, 2010

To the editor:

The March 16th Village election approaches, and the differences between the two parties and their candidates are clear and stark. The Republicans, through their campaign literature, have proven themselves to be adept at coining toxic slogans, making wildly exaggerated claims and utilizing distasteful code words and imagery as weapons of fear mongering. They hype the mythical benefits of balance on the board for the sake of…balance. And they have yet to put forward any actual programs or to articulate any ideas about how to handle the issues and problems that the Village faces today and in the future.

As I write this, it is rumored that the Republican leadership or their surrogates will soon file an Article 78 legal challenge to the recent Harmon zoning changes, oh-so conveniently timed for the election cycle. If filed, this challenge — based on procedural rather than substantive grounds — will yet again prove the Republicans to be expert at saying “no,” cynically employing the tactics of obstruction while holding the entire Village hostage for their political gain, and frivolously wasting taxpayer dollars. I sincerely hope for all of Croton’s sake that this is just a rumor.

By contrast, the Democratic candidates Ann Gallelli and Richard Olver, and the rest of our current Village Board, have shown that they are willing to roll up their sleeves to do the hard work and make the tough choices and find solutions to take Croton forward. They have worked with the citizens of Croton and also looked beyond our village borders for ideas and funding to maximize the quality of life for our residents, now and into the future.

Croton’s citizens deserve leadership that knows how to say “yes” and then deliver on its goals. That’s why I’ll be voting for Ann Gallelli and Richard Olver on March 16th.

— Adam Rothberg, Croton on Hudson


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