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Why I Reject the Croton GOP Politics of Obstructionism

March 11, 2010

To the editor:

A small, vocal, core group of Schmidt/Swan supporters failed to make any meaningful challenge to the overarching rationale for the Harmon Business District rezoning during the State Environmental Quality Review Process (SEQR).

Now it appears they will use the Article 78 process and its 1+ year timeline as a political tool to influence the 2010 election and cripple any hope of positive change in Harmon. In addition, if the Croton GOP regains the board majority in 2011, they can effectively roll back the Harmon rezoning without having to hold one single public hearing or input session by abandoning the village’s defense of their own supporters’ Article 78 action.

And this apparent Croton GOP political strategy could very well cost the village (and its taxpayers) over $100,000+ to defend itself against.

Regardless of your political persuasion and/or position on the Harmon Business District rezoning, please join me (a Republican) in sending a strong message to the Croton GOP leadership that the politics of obstructionism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in Croton by voting for Ann Gallelli and Rick Olver on March 16th.

— Kieran Murray


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