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Croton GOP 'Liar Flyer' Ruled Unsportsman-Like by Fair-Campaign Group

March 13, 2010

For years in Croton, it’s always been former one-term Trustee and current Croton Republican Committee chairperson Susan Konig who’s manufactured the distortions, fabrications, and lies aimed at smearing local Democrats—while she hides behind the Cross.

But yesterday, on the heels of her writing “We should all, as a community, disassociate ourselves from hateful, nasty attacks.” on a message board, in a Journal News article, Ms. Konig’s chickens came home to roost.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee, which promotes responsible and factual campaign tactics, found fault with a number of Republican claims in campaign advertisements and flyers over a recent zoning change—one that is now the subject of a lawsuit.

The GOP used a stock image of a city street on a flyer (see scanned flyer below) to illustrate its contention that new zoning changes promoted by Democratic elected officials would lead to “overdevelopment.” The committee found the picture an unfair campaign practice.

They also cited the Republican campaign for claiming that Democrats Ann Gallelli and Richard Olver were planning to build apartments in the Harmon section of town and a retail mall at the train station. In fact, Gallelli and Olver have not come out in favor of any specific building plans.

Another finding of an unfair campaign practice concerned the Republicans using the word “toxic” to describe a new community garden where residents can grow produce. The garden was found to have contained a small amount of asphalt debris in it, which was removed, but it was not considered a danger to public health. In any event, organizers of the garden decided to use raised beds and fresh topsoil for the project.

Here’s the flyer:



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