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Teri Lukin Seeking Reelection to Croton Harmon School Board

April 22, 2010

To the Croton Harmon School District Community:

I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you on the Croton Harmon School Board, to let you know that I am running for reelection and to ask, once again, for your support.

With your help, what I learned during my first three-year term has proved invaluable to my goal of successfully representing our community’s needs. When I first ran for office, I thought that as the parent of two teenagers who grew up in Croton schools, as a director at Time Inc., and as a longtime volunteer and past Croton Little League president, I had the wide view needed to well represent our community’s varied perspectives. But during my first term, I have been amazed at how much I had to learn.

Thanks to meaningful conversations with community members, community forums I helped initiate, research and reading, regular attendance at school board conferences and meeting and lobbying our state officials, I am grateful for a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing our children and our schools and the concrete and potential ways we as a school district can and should address them.

Our community is well aware of the delicate balance we face. We want to effectively nurture and educate our children, to help them overcome their challenges and maximize their gifts. And we want to responsibly limit our tax burden, especially now during the economic crisis that confronts our nation and community. We can only accomplish this by soliciting the input, critique and help of our community.

One reason I first ran for office was to improve two-way communication between school administrators and parents and taxpayers. We now hold regular town hall meetings to solicit input.

Although we face significant hurdles ahead, together we have already accomplished a great deal. As the school board vice president, I successfully urged the board to set, track and create action plans to achieve board and community goals — in addition to evaluating and supporting administration goals as past boards had done. I helped persuade fellow school board members to take an active role when making the tenure decisions that can affect our tax dollars and Croton school children for generations.

I support our community’s goal to conserve energy. Our district recently entered into an energy performance contract with Honeywell International Inc. that guarantees that the cost for all the energy-efficiency upgrades our district makes will be covered by savings on energy bills or Honeywell will reimburse the difference. This contract will allow our district to replace boilers at PVC Middle School, retrofit lighting and fans, add GPS wireless clocks and unit ventilators and install a solar photovoltaic system - all with the guarantee that their initial costs will be covered by energy savings.

While I am proud of the progress we have made, I am aware of the significant challenges our schools and our children face. Please contact me at or 914.271.2098 to share your suggestions on how, together, we can move forward. And please vote for me on May 18th.

Yours truly,

Teri Lukin


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