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Calling All Croton Artists!

May 20, 2010

Calling Croton Artists! * Calling Croton Artists! * Calling Croton Artists!

Then enter this year’s juried art contest for the Croton-Harmon School Mini-Calendar! Join us at the Croton-Harmon SEPTA Summerfest booth this Sunday, June 6, from 1 - 4:30 p.m. Open to Croton students of all ages!

Just show up. Everything you need will be at the booth. It’s free to enter—as many times as you like. All winners get gift certificates for the Blue Pig. The theme: CROTON IS A GREEN TOWN - and we hope you draw more than one scene!

The winning selections will decorate a pocket version of the classic Croton-Harmon School District calendar. It contains all the important information that is found in the larger one and includes a local business directory, in a convenient size: 4” x 7” closed, or 8” x 7” open.

* We are once again offering an opportunity to be listed as a “Friend of CH SEPTA” . For $25 you will: 1) be listed as a “Friend of CH SEPTA ” in the front of the calendar, 2) receive 2010/2011 CH SEPTA membership and, 3) get a copy of the mini calendar. This is only $5 more than the regular membership but shows the Croton community that you support the special education students in our district. You may register at our Summerfest booth or mail in the form below.

[ ] I would like to take advantage of the “Friends of CH SEPTA” offer, which includes a special “FRIENDS OF CH SEPTA calendar listing, free calendar and 2009-2010 CH SEPTA membership for ONLY $25!


Please list me/us as:

Please mail in “Friends” forms and payment to: Ivy Lewis, 2 Red Maple Ridge, Croton, NY, 10520. Pre-ordered calendars will be distributed at Back To School nights in early fall—or e-mail Ivy Lewis at for special delivery. The deadline is June 30, 2010.

Art entry forms can be dropped off at the Summerfest booth or (e)mailed to: Lisa Cohen, 179 Old Post Road North, Croton, NY, 10520 ( The deadline is June 25th, 2010.


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