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A Plea to All Who Seek Closure of Indian Point

June 19, 2010

To the editor:

On the eve of Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival here is a plea to all who want to see Indian Point closed. A small group of people will be staffing the Indian Point table in the activist section of the festival all weekend. If you are coming to the festival, stop by for an update and to give the people there a break. We will be asking passers by to write letters and could use some more note cards. Rent for the space and copying expenses are high. If you have not made a donation in awhile, put some money in the jar. Most importantly, don’t leave this struggle up to those behind the table. You can, and must play a part in this struggle.

Entergy is circulating many half truths and outright lies in regard to Indian Point. With the exception of some stories in the Daily News, coverage of this complicated issue by the media has been mostly press release journalism, with every Entergy press release printed in local papers pretty much as written. No critical questions are asked and no facts are checked. It is frustrating for those of us who know the facts. Entergy, a multi-billion dollar corporation, is spending millions of dollars to undermine public opinion and the elected officials who want to close the plant. And they are succeeding,

The Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition does not have a media budget, but we do have a grass roots movement comprised of residents who are knowledgeable, concerned for the future of their communities, and know how to speak up. That is how we convinced local and state government to get involved in the first place. Now that the action has moved into the courtroom and NRC hearings it is off of the front page and is easy to forget. That is what Entergy is hoping for and if that is what happens they win this battle by default.

It is critical that those on this list serv continue to speak out - to neighbors, friends, candidates for office and elected officials. If you know what you want to say, read no further. Stop and pick up the phone, write an email, or just simply talk to someone about your concerns. If you need more information, take a look at the Indian Point Fact Sheet that will follow as a separate email and link and use the information in whatever way suits your needs. What is listed in the fact sheet is accurate and verifiable. People are entitled to different opinions but not the different “facts” that the Entergy propaganda machine is churning out. At a minimum, everyone in a 50 mile radius of Indian Point needs to understand what is in the fact sheet and everyone on this list serv has a part to play in making that happen.

Do what you can. But do something!


Marilyn Eie, Westchester Citizens Awareness Network

See also: Indian Point Fact Sheet


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