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Croton Appoints First-ever Village Arts Liaison

July 19, 2010

Mayor Leo Wiegman has appointed a first-ever Arts Liaison for the Village to help foster even closer collaboration between the Village and the area’s vibrant and diverse arts community. He named Marion Mitchell Callis, of Hale Hollow Road, to the two year volunteer post for the period ending April 1, 2012.

While the Village did appoint a “Public Art Committee” years ago to assist on public art such as the mural art at train station, the new role of a Village Arts Liaison would be much broader. The Arts Liaison will be a two-way conduit for any salient arts related issues, requests or questions between the local arts community and the Village.

The Liaison would be the point person for the Village on arts-related matters to whom the Village could send its questions and inquiries. And, vice versa, when members of the local arts community have proposals or questions that they would like to raise with local government, this Liaison will make sure the message lands on the right desk in Village Hall. An initial task for the Arts Liaison will be compiling a list of contacts of local arts organizations, from the non-profits to the for-profits, from children’s theater to comedic arts education, and from photography workshops to music studios.

“We needed someone with broad interdisciplinary artistic connections, great people skills, and a demonstrated track record of accomplishments. Ms Callis arrives with tremendous international credentials and great ideas to help us better understand the needs and resources of our local arts groups,” notes Mayor Wiegman.

“We created this volunteer post in Croton to take advantage of the intersection among history, arts, and economics. The Village’s History Office has a tremendous archive of both art for its own sake and documentary art of all kinds. Our arts community has always been strong, from theater and dance, to sculpture, film, illustration, design, and more. Our economic future depends on how we tap into our history as a creative and expressive community to bring even more arts-related work and collaboration to our area. Why not make the arts a hallmark of our economic engine?” continues Wiegman.

Ms Callis holds a Master of Arts from Florida State University as well as advanced arts and appraisal certificates from University of London, Christies, and New York University. Her curatorial and directorial experience includes work in Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut, Washington DC, and New York.

“It will be a privilege to engage with the arts groups and officials in our area, and to delve more deeply into this community’s rich history,” says Ms Callis, “I look forward to collaborating with a wide range of individuals and groups, to make the most of what we have now, and to explore new ideas and projects with them.” Ms Callis can be reached at

For additional information, please contact Janine King, Assistant Village Manager, at, or 914-271-4781.


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