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Thank You Grouchy Gabe from Croton Bridges!

February 21, 2012

To the Editor:

As everyone reads this, the 2012 Croton Bridges group will already be in Nicaragua building two houses in the community of Piedra Menuda. Our group is a branch off of the non-profit organization Bridges to Community which is located in Ossining, NY. We have many people to thank but there is one in particular that really went above and beyond to help get us to Nicaragua. That person would be Gabe, of Grouchy Gabe’s Grill.

Gabe generously offered his restaurant for a benefit dinner we held in late January. Not only did he offer his space for the night, but he also selflessly volunteered to provide and prepare the delicious food for our gala. This kindness and giving is what we experience on each of our trips. The people of Nicaragua welcome all of us strangers with open arms and a giving heart. Gabe’s willingness to help demonstrated what this trip is all about.

The evening offered two seatings, both of which did not have an empty seat in the house. The place was transformed into a Nicaraguan Bistro serving native dishes such as pernil al horno, chicken al ajillo, chili con carne and rice and beans. If you still had room Gabe whipped up arroz con leche, flan and tres leches cake for dessert. The event was a huge success raising over $1,100 thanks to Gabe, his wife Rebecca, their son Charlie and his friend Nick. They all did more for us than we could have asked for.

We would also like to say thank you to the members of our community, friends and families who have supported Croton Bridges, not just this year, but in years past. By coming to our different fundraising events and making generous donations, you have all helped our group make a difference in the lives of so many Nicaraguan families.

Although the community sees him as Grouchy Gabe, the Croton Bridges group will forever remember him as the kind and selfless person he truly is. And for this, Grouchy Gabe, we thank you tremendously.


The 2012 Croton Bridges Group:

Croton Bridges, Nicaragua 2012

Lauren Lopano, Katie Marcus, Erin Ricciardi, Satchel Aviram, Matt Weale, Julia Heyman, Kyle Ricciardi, Julia Penberthy, Michael Corvenus, Mallory Pound, Timothy George, Marc Frattini, Christine George, Dani Douglas, Matt Gennarelli, Lucy Stockton, Luann Ricciardi, Andy Starr, and Matthew George.


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