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Mark Franzoso on Croton Point Avenue at 02/01/16 Village Board Meeting

February 4, 2016

[Transcript] Village Board Meeting - 02/01/16

Mark Franzoso: “I really came here to talk about Croton Point Ave. There’s a fella here in town, I’ve never met him, I don’t know who he is. His name is Ross Weale. He’s like a serial blogger. He’s been invaluable to me over the past couple of years I will mention with the information that he puts on his blog. And I’m here tonight to talk about his recent posts claiming that I’m responsible for the demise of the Croton Point Avenue project which is totally untrue. And I wanted to make that perfectly clear, and I wanted to do it in a public forum so people would know that, you know, I had nothing to do with that. I actually think that something needs to be done on Croton Point Avenue. But he’s listing things that you know I’m behind the whole thing and I just wanted to make an appearance before everyone to let them know that it’s not my fault that you guys have tabled that project. I would like to be involved. The past board did not involve me at all or the other businesses down there. There are a few things with the project that I’m totally against, like resurfacing a perfectly fine road where the village tax payers could save close to $400,000. I’m against the bike lane being on the business-side on the street. I think that’s ridiculous. There are a couple of, you know, other things I’d like to discuss with the board or a committee, if you want to get this thing going again. But I think something needs to be done down there. The traffic situation is terrible. People commuting in the morning have no respect for others. It is a dangerous situation. But as Mr. Weale points out, that this board is considering re-install re-instating the parking on the street. And that’s one of my main reasons for coming here. Is that true?”

Mayor Dr. Greg Schmidt: “Not that I know of.”

Mark Franzoso: “My next question would be why not reconsider that since you have tabled the project?”

Mayor Dr. Greg Schmidt: “The tables not, sorry. The project is not tabled. It is just, we put it aside for now. The village manager is in contact with the NYS DOT?”

Village manager Janine King: “That’s right. I have a meeting with them coming up.”

Mayor Dr. Greg Schmidt: “Right, to review what options we have.”

Mark Franzoso: “Okay. What is this board’s intention to involve the businesses down there since they were totally in the dark during this whole process?

Village manager Janine King: “Well Mark, I know you attended that public information session a couple years ago and so did the other business owner on Croton Point Avenue so I don’t know that you were…”

Mark Franzoso: “Is that the one where you had the consultants who really didn’t even know what they were talking about?”

Village manager Janine King: “Well, that’s your opinion, Mark.”

Mark Franzoso: “Well I think it was the opinion of many in the meeting. Prior to that, no discussion, no reach-out to the businesses down there taken place. I mean this guy here, Ross, is putting things on his blog that ah, I’m gonna start parking trucks, you know big trucks. You know it had always been the intention, in fact, our village manager made an agreement in the program that I’d be able to get my deliveries so that the truck deliveries are not even an issue.” [audible - beep]

Mayor Dr. Greg Schmidt: “That thing is loud. We, again, hopefully when we get information back from the NYS DOT we can ah, see where we are and engage the business community and see what, whats gonna happen down there.”

Mark Franzoso: “Just because I was a supporter of Croton United does not mean that you know I hold some kind of ah, some magical wand over this project. I want to make that perfectly clear. We’ve never even talked about this here.”

Mayor Dr. Greg Schmidt: “Exactly. So, okay. Thank you.”


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