Croton Blog: Is the Party Over?

Eh, Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt… We hear around town that the Croton Republicans are in deep doo doo. As titular head of the local party, you should know of the unhappy questions that are being floated around town;

  • If voters wanted to find out the Croton Republican Party platform’s stand on crucial local issues, where could they go? You can’t be reached anywhere online.

  • You managed to file for the Alliance Party line. Where did that come from? You used to file on the Open Governement line. What happened?

  • Your crowd was so busy pointing fingers and making negative attacks about the Democrats that they neglected to post public notice about their upcoming caucus, thus eliminating the traditional Republican line from the ballot.

  • And to top it off, rumor has it that the Croton Republican Committee is broke.

The term GOP used to stand for “Grand Old Party.” In Croton today, it’s not so grand, not much of a party—just old. Once again Crotonblog is compelled to ask Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt, “What’s Up, Doc?”


Feb 18, 2007 09:35 AM:

A Google search of “Alliance Party” turns up the Alliance Party in Ireland (clearly not relevant) and a “New Alliance Party” (NAP) in the U.S. What is particularly ironic in the choice of “Alliance Party” by our local GOP is that the leaders of the NAP enrolled in the Independence Party (IP) and have attempted to use the IP to exercise power. In 2006 the IP sought to have them thrown out of the party. It’s all much too complicated to go into, but a search on the following terms yields fascinating results: “New Alliance Party” + “Independence Party.”

I would not even begin to suggest that the local Alliance Party is in any way trying to channel the old NAP. But their tussles with the Independence Party do raise some interesting parallels.

-- PoliAnna


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