Croton Blog: Meet the Gang that Can't Do Anything Right

How to lose an election.

1. Put signs on lawns directing people to a website,, that doesn't exist.


2. Create a new website that includes a heisted reproduction of the village's $20,000 logo, thus implying official sanction.

3. Neglect to correct a misspelled word.

4. Do not deliver on your promise telling residents to "Check back soon for news and updates..."

Egregious mishandling of a simple process like creating a website is unforgivable. So, Crotonblog is again compelled to ask Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt, "What'€s up, Doc?"€ Is your administration trying to commit political suicide by displaying such ineptitude?


Mar 5, 2007 12:03 PM:

“What idiot came up with the idea of charging the kids to use the park, AND require a paid attendant to be on duty while the park was being used? Obviously, THAT was a brilliant idea.”

That was a Sue Synder idea that the Republicans will defend to their death bed. I have a letter to the editor that will come out later this week that will explain this more. The Repubs also blame the kids instead of themselves for the failure of the Skatepark. It is not just something they did with the Skatepark because they blamed the Dems for not following election rules.

  • Kevin W. Davis
-- KWilly

Mar 5, 2007 10:14 AM:

I decided to look a bit further into “The Alliance Party”. The website listed above was all I could find.

I am not a hard-liner for any party, but I DO expect our ELECTED leaders to be a bit more on top of things. Appropriating official, local letterhead in order to further their own agenda on their own “party” website is probably not a good idea. Directing constituents to non-functioning, or non-existent websites is probably not a good idea. There have been a few other mis-steps along the way. I have yet to be terribly impressed.

However… The previous administration did some incredibly stupid things along the way also. The skate park being one of them. What a ridiculous waste of resources, time and money (OUR MONEY!). What idiot came up with the idea of charging the kids to use the park, AND require a paid attendant to be on duty while the park was being used? Obviously, THAT was a brilliant idea.

Amazingly enough, we STILL have yet to provide a place for our older kids (teens) to hang out and expend some energy. Instead they go behind ShopRite, or into the woods by CET, where they party, burn things, and destroy the forest around them.

We have lots of active, interested parents here. Why are we not tapping into them as a resource? These kids need a local place to dance, hoop & holler, and have a good time.

The rec helps alot, but it’s not enough. While we’re busy changing the world for the better, let’s not forget that our kids (not just the little ones) need our attention too.

-- LizaB

Mar 4, 2007 04:13 PM:

Their ineptitude may have already cost them the election. It’s been reported they ignored proceedures for filing on the authorized Republican line and the Westchester County Board of Elections denied them that line on the ballot.

It seems they are self-destructing all by themselves. Who is in charge of their campaign? And what the heck is the Alliance Party? Who are it’s members. An Alliance with what? The name makes me uncomfortable without knowing with whom they are aligned.

-- bojangles


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