Croton Blog: Croton Fails to Enforce Its Own Code

Wintry weather reveals yet another consequence of Croton’s business recession. In Harmon, one of three village “gateway districts,” the hazards posed to pedestrians by unshoveled sidewalks serve as an additional blight to the sorry conditions already pictured in Crotonblog’s “Album of Shame.”

Moreover, because the sidewalks in front of several vacant commercial properties were not cleared of snow and ice (see following pictures taken on December 19, 2007), pedestrians are forced to risk walking in streets busy with automobile traffic or navigate the slippery and treacherous sidewalks.

South Riverside Avenue

South Riverside Avenue

Croton Point Avenue

But according to village’s own code, the requirements are clear:

§ 197-15. Snow and ice on sidewalks.

A. Every owner or occupant of any house or other building, every owner, occupant or person entitled to the possession of any vacant lot and every person having the charge of any church or other public building in this Village shall, during the winter season and during the time the snow shall continue on the ground, keep the sidewalks in front of such house, building or lot free from ice and snow.

B. Every person neglecting, failing or refusing to comply with this section shall pay a penalty as provided in § 1-1 2 of Chapter 1, General Provisions, for each day of such neglect, failure or refusal, and every person who shall refuse or neglect to clean said walk, after receiving six hours’ notice in writing from a police officer, the Village Code Enforcement Officer, the Director of Public Works, the Village Manager, or their designees, of said Village to do so, shall pay, in addition, the cost of cleaning said walk by the Village, the cost thereof, after being duly audited, to be added to said penalty per day and recovered and collected at the same time and manner as said penalty is collected. [Amended 5-7-1990 by L.L. No. 2-1990; 2-15-2000 by L.L. No. 1-2000]

So, for the safety of pedestrians, with dangerous snow and ice accumulations on these sidewalks and a law on the books, Crotonblog is compelled to ask Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt what is being done about enforcing the code? Whose responsibility is it to see that these dangerous sidewalks are cleared? It’s only another example of sloppy management. Once again Crotonblog is compelled to ask, “What’s up, Doc?”


Jan 23, 2008 10:40 AM:

Speaking of code enforcement, Now that the village took control of Croton Point Avenue, why is the village allowing Franzoso Contracting to load\unload\park on village land, creating an extremely hazardous situation for pedestians and motorists alike. Most of the property in front of this business is VILLAGE OWNED!

This must be stopped!

-- Devil's Advocate

Dec 20, 2007 09:27 AM:

We should not laugh at nor lightly dismiss the theatrical machinations of Ms. Cudequest any longer. Like it or not we, the voters (or non voters) of Croton, have allowed her to become a huge force in the village. As an unelected unofficial her agenda has dominated the political scene in Croton for several years now. Truth is chopped, diced and twisted to fit whatever program she is championing usually ending with some sloppy homage to the mayor and his minions. (Case in point snow removal or lack thereof) I hope that in the upcoming election cycle a leader emerges that will take the Cudequestians to task. I worry that the response will once again be hang wringing instead of a bare knuckles.

-- red hill resident

Dec 19, 2007 05:13 PM:

You’re so right Mrs. Smith … but if she wasn’t so pathetic where else would we get our laughs? It would be boring. And beside boring, we all know that snow on the sidewalks or roads or anywhere is always, always, always the fault of that damn previous democratic Elliott administration.

And surely we remember this picture taken during another storm in another year - the car, parked in front of Ms. Cudequest’s very own home and sidewalk for days.

And if I remember correctly, she received a well deserved ticket and blamed that on the Elliott administration also!

-- weewill

Dec 19, 2007 05:07 PM:

I couldn’t agree moore, I was walking to the train station and I was amazed at the lack of snow removal. Zig Zagging back and forth on the way to train station is not a healthly thing. Thanks for posting this up. Maybe something can be done before it snows again.

Tom Moore, Sr.

-- Tom Moore

Dec 19, 2007 02:59 PM:

And with Pavlovian response,at 2.38pm Maria Cudequest posts on the NCN blog thanking the village board for making sure the streets are cleared without prompting from residents - the first time in years she says - she needs to get off Grand Street and look around. If she were not so pathetic, it would be laughable.

-- Mrs. Smith


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