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Why go to San Francisco, where you sleep under a blanket every night and the daytime temperature seldom gets above topcoat weather? Here in Croton the weather each day ranges between 47.2 degrees and 57.3 degrees. The wind is always an invigorating 9.9 miles per hour. Rainfall is nil. How do we know? We’ve been looking at the village’s “current weather statistics.”

The village is a perfect spot for tourism. The temperature in Croton at the moment is 54.5 degrees—a little too cool to plant tomatoes—and it’s always 7:45 a.m. How can the village pull off this meteorological and chronological miracle? It’s easy. What Croton has done is to freeze everything in the way of a meteorological statistic as at May 14. That’s right. Anyone checking Croton’s weather statistics since May 14 has been shown the same numbers, frozen at 7:45 a.m.

This does not speak well for Mayor Gregory Schmidt’s vaunted attention to village details. But what can you expect from someone who is so technologically backward that he does not answer citizens’ e-mails? He obviously doesn’t check the village’s own website either—from which the following screen capture has been made.

Croton-on-Hudson's broken weather station reporting system

So, Crotonblog is once again compelled to ask, “What’s up, Doc? Isn’t someone supposed to be monitoring the weather station regularly? Now, thanks to management inattention, we’ve got another screwed-up period of weather statistics.


Jun 3, 2008 03:09 PM:

Re your PS. Croton’s self appointed ambassador to anything-Schmidt related, Maria Cudequest, had already rushed over to advise him of the sound quality problem before launching into her diatribe against Crotonblog, and her self-promoting, congratulatory praise of NCN blog.

-- Mrs. Smith

Jun 3, 2008 12:28 PM:

Although Mayor Schmidt, Trustees Brennan and Konig may rant and rave about Crotonblog at public meetings in an unseemly manner, our needling is nevertheless effective in getting things done. We just checked the weather data linked on the Village’s website, and the information shown there is now correct after 18 days of misinformation. Maybe someone in the Village would be good enough to tell Crotonblog the name and phone number of the person to whom we should report future malfunctions of the weather system.

P.S. While you’re fixing things around the Village, would someone please pay attention to the sound system at Board meetings? Sound reproduction of last night’s meeting was so poor, we tuned to the Countdown with Keith Olbermann program after the first few minutes. The meeting proceedings were so inaudible, we’re sure a lot of listeners did the same.

-- TeaDrinker

Jun 3, 2008 11:25 AM:

As much as I respect Georgiana Grant and appreciate her long service to Croton, she’s way off base on this one. The weather station is a useful tool not only for showing the current weather but also for keeping meteorological statistics that could be used by the Village in the event of a lawsuit. As for responsibility, even if someone is directly responsible in this village when things go wrong, no heads ever roll. In fact, screw things up in Croton, and you’ll get a raise just like everyone else.

Harry Truman had a small plaque on his desk that read, “The buck stops here”—and he made sure that it did. If the President could take responsibility for the smooth running of the country, why should the mayor of a tiny village be allowed take full credit only for the good things that happen and pretend ignorance when things go wrong? I saw Mayor Schmidt on Sunday morning. He was all over the Upper Village like a bad smell, making sure all the details of Summerfest were in place. Georgianna, he was definitely paying attention to minor details then—that should have been delegated to others.

Perhaps if Mayor Schmidt cranked up his computer and visited the Village’s website occasionally, he’d have known that the expensive toy the Village had bought to improve weather forecasting when flooding was imminent was serving up stale data.

-- TeaDrinker

Jun 2, 2008 01:44 PM:

Be fair, Editors. The Mayor can’t be responsible for everything required to run a village. The board is the executive branch and should not be involved in operations, other than to keep the feet of the administration to the fire. The Board sets policy only and the administration carries it out. We, the taxpayers, pay a substantial amount of money to ensure the village is well run. We purchased an up-to-the-minute weather forecasting contract years ago when I was a voting member of the board. I voted against the purchase believing we need only turn on our televisions to get professional meteorologists mapping weather patterns by the hour. I was out voted and the purchase went ahead. I assume it’s still operational.

It’s hard to understand, therefore, how our village reports are “frozen” in time. Some one needs to be held accountable for this, but I don’t believe it’s the Mayor.


-- weewill


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